Arthur Dahl: In Pursuit of Hope: A Guide for the Seeker




Arthur Dahl: In Pursuit of Hope: A Guide for the Seeker


Arthur Dahl a long time member of the ECPD has made many important contributions to its Annual International Conference, ECPD Global Youth Forum and concept development. His recent book In Pursuit of Hope goes in search of life’s purpose, amidst the environmental, social, economic and spiritual challenges of the 21st century. It is both a guide to those wanting to stimulate their own thinking and open their hearts to a better world and a metaphorical journey across seven valleys and seven mountain ranges as well as a do-it-yourself guide for those seeking greater meaning in life; it is a companion for each step of the way.  It is a useful assist to ask the right questions and provides tools to help the journey along. Impossible though it is, to know our ultimate destination and what the future will bring, Dahls book shows us that we all can make a difference, contribute to change within our own life, the lives of those around us, and the planet as a whole. As much seems to be going wrong in today’s world and the forces of disintegration are accelerating, hope he says is a rare commodity. Yet he underscores unique forces of integration at work; people making a difference and living lives of meaning. His vision is to cultivate moreintegrators to avoid the worst and turn the corner towards a brighter tomorrow. Arthur Dahl has spent over half a century as environmental scientist researching and spreading depressing news about environmental crisis but has managed to remain hopeful. His hope is faith-based. He sees that science does not hold all the answers to the human condition and that ethical values and motivation have other roots; complementary to create a coherent whole. His meaningful journey in hope is now accessible to others, particularly those of a rational, skeptical mindset. A Kindle version is available.

Oxford: George Ronald Publisher, soft cover  £10.99 / $18.99
204 pages, 216 x 140 mm ( 8.5 x 5.5 ins)




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