Organizational Structure


Although the Resolution of the Council of the University for Peace relating to the establishment of the ECPD was adopted on January 20, 1983, the European Center for Peace and Development undertook its activities two and a half years later when the International Agreement on the Headquarters of the ECPD (July 1985) was concluded and came into effect. In the meantime, the basic governing and executive bodies of the ECPD were formed and the conditions for its operation were created, including the establishment of relations with organizations within the United Nations system, the development of a network of the ECPD associates and the like.

The Organizational Structure

The organizational structure of the ECPD consists of the: governing and executive bodies, affiliated organizations, operating units, scientific and special advisers, heads of specified activities, project managers, associates and others.

The main governing and executive bodies are:

  1. The ECPD Council and its subsidiary bodies, including the ECPD Academic Council
  2. The ECPD Executive Board,
  3. The ECPD Executive Director,
  4. The ECPD Educational and Scientific Board, and
  5. The ECPD Secretariat managed by the Executive Director (Art. 6 of the ECPD Statute).

The ECPD Honorary Council has been also established, whose members participate in a valuable and supportably way.


European Center for Peace and Development (ECPD)  
University for Peace established by the United Nations

ECPD Headquarters
Terazije 41
11000 Belgrade
+381 11 3246-041;
+381 11 3246-042;
+381 11 3240-673;

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