ECPD Breaking News 27.08.2021.

Dr. Halo-N widely referred to as Badiúzzaman initiated the Gual Periok Foundation in 2005 and launched its first social responsibility project in the provision of street lighting in the Village of Gual Periok, Kelantan, Malaysia. In 2012, he received the Gusi International Peace Prize with title The First Al Quranic Scientist of The World in The Field of Research (Biochemistry) while in 2016 he became Secretary General of the World Philosophical Forum and together with Professor Jeffrey Levett they inaugurated the ECPD project Eurasian Bridges for Peace. During sequential celebrations of World Philosophy Day a number of events took place in Athens, Belgrade and Kuala Lumpor, under the banner of Malaysia philosophizes:  practical solutions to existential problems as well as discussions on a potential diploma in Philosophy and the Koran as an extension of an earlier ECPD project Inter-Ethnic and Inter Confessional Tolerance in the Balkans Reconciliation and Human Security with findings reported in three books edited by ECPD President (H.E. Takehiro Togo), Executive Director (Negoslav  Ostojic) and the writer. In 2019, Dr. Halo-N became Distinguished ECPD Outreach Professor of Islamic Thought and Philosophy and a member of Academic Council replacing the late Professor Idriss Jazairy a distinguished diplomat, Islamic scholar and a true champion of human rights. Most recently, the Gual Periok Foundation in collaboration with the University for Peace United Nations, ECPD launched an Economic Zone project aimed at helping families to overcome poverty of life and poverty of knowledge by providing educational opportunities to their children. The project is being carried out in Kuala Berang, where coconut trees, bananas and sugarcanes have already been planted. It also offers an opportunity for student degrees covering its social, economic and agricultural aspects. Under development are studies in Al Quranic Philosophy, to be conducted in Malaysia under the banners of the ECPD, Belgrade and the World Philosophical Forum, Athens.






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