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The European Center for Peace and Development carries out numerous multidisciplinary activities aimed at improving the quality of life and development strategies of individual countries and regions. Among these activities special attention is given to the transfer of knowledge, education and training as the universal source of the progress of all societies. The ECPD has developed a new and comprehensive system of postgraduate studies at the specialist, master's and doctoral levels.

The ECPD places the quality of teaching at the very top of its priorities. Therefore, the postgraduate studies at the specialist and master's levels and, in particular, the relevant training for the improvement of knowledge, require the recruitment of world known professors and experts with outstanding achievements in teaching and research in the relevant areas.

The ECPD offers the following levels of Postgraduate Studies:

·         Specialist Studies (one year, two semesters, leading to a specialist in a particular scientific field);

·         Master's Studies (two years, four semesters, leading to Master of Science in a particular scientific field);

·         Doctoral Studies (six semesters, leading to doctorate in particular scientific field);

·         Specialist and advanced training (specialist schools, specialist courses and seminars, lasting 30, 50, 100 and up to 300 lesons, depending on the kind of studies engineering the corresponding International Certificate)

The ECPD is authorized and capable to organize and manage postgraduate studies in all fields of science. However, until now it has been mostly engaged in carrying out postgraduate studies in Technology in Solving Development Problems, Strategic Management, European Union, Euroatlantic integration, EU Law, Master Business Administration (MBA) and International Diplomacy, while specialist and advanced training has been performed in all fields in which the ECPD is engaged, that is in natural, human, economic, sustainable and technical and technological development, international relations and management.

The ECPD motto is that its postgraduate studies must be, and must remain, the real school of excellence.

The ECPD offers the following courses as part of its Postgraduate Studies Program:

·         Technology of Solving Development Problems >>

·         Management >>

·         Law of the European Union and International Business Law >>

E    Postgraduate Law Studies Master of Laws (LLM) in EU Law & International Business Law >>

·         Global Health Development >>

·         Management of Healthcare Institutions >>

·         ECPD MBA >>

·         Economic Diplomacy >>

·         International Banking and Financing>>

·         Art and Design>>

In cooperation with the University of Banja Luka, (Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina), the ECPD developed and implemented Programme of International studies in Sports and Sports Coaches.

Within the Program of its Postgraduate Studies, the ECPD also offers Specialist training and education courses and seminars intended to refresh and improve the knowledge of employees, researchers, managers and other professionals in their fields.

ECPD International Postgraduate Studies




Human Resources Development

Natural Resources Development

Economic Development

Technological Development

Sustainable Development

Cultural Development




Doctoral Studies

Specialist Schools

Specialist Courses

Specialist Seminars

Modern and Traditional Medicine

Technology of Solving Development Problems

Contemporary Management

Law of EU and International Business Law

Economic Diplomacy

Master's Business Administration MBA

International Banking and Finance

International Arts and Design


Based on itsa rich and almost twenty five year long experience in conducting postgraduate studies, the ECPD intends to continue, intensify and expand out this kind of activities. In that respect, the ECPD elaborated several new programs of postgraduate studies which have been implemented in several university centers in the Western Balkans. The ECPD intends to organize its international postgraduate studies in the whole South East European region and beyond.


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